Seasonal movements plays an important and impactful role in the markets. With this addon determining market seasonality has never been easier. You can have the seasonal pattern projected into the future and analyse it directly in your charts, to see where an instrument is most likely to move to from a statistical point of view.

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Use the Seasonality Advanced AddOn to analyze the seasonal patterns of any and all asset classes – the seasonal moves can be calculated for each financial instrument. In addition, with the advanced version of the AddOn you can calculate seasonal patterns also on intraday charts, to analyze short-term market-trends.

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Presentation of the seasonality addon.



InstrumentStrength and DayAnalyzer

Detect over- and underperformers using the InstrumentStrength indicator as well as the best day of a week to trade an instrument.

SeasonalityPredictor (Advanced)

Innovative display of the predicted seasonal pattern directly in the price chart as well as the statistically expected performance.

SeasonalRuns/Clusters (Advanced)

Identify clusters in the chart where an upward or downward movement can be expected with high seasonal probability.