Location Point® trading: concealed behind this concept are years of experience with the insight of how markets verifiably behave in a recurrent manner at very obvious markers in the chart. It is a highly efficient trading style with a crystal-clear set of rules, thereby encouraging the trader to stick to the plan.

You get 6 highly effective entry signals + advanced tools for the LocationPoint® trading style.

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Showcase of the LocationPoint AddOn.



Trendfollowing Strategies

Optimized support for the 8Train, 20Train as well as the Red/Green WipeOut trendfollowing strategies with full setups (entries, trailingstops, targets).

Countertrend Strategies

In addition to the trendfollowing strategies, you also get full support for the Jojo130, Jojo200 and Stairway trendfollowing strategies with full setups.

Predefined Workspace

You get an optimized workspace layout to perform all advanced LocationPoint analyses and find the top-potential trades in thousands of different instruments.