Main Features

Thousands of traders are using TradersYard X daily to manage their portfolios. Stop wasting your time and performance - get started for free!

xTick Free Datafeed

Get free end-of-day data for US-stocks as well as fundamental data.

Realtime-Scan your signals

Save your precious time by letting advanced algorithms search any chart and instrument for your predefined signals.

Integrated trade-sharing

TradersYardX trade- and signal-sharing is deeply integrated into TY-X, publish and receive trade-ideas with a single click

Build your own signals

No coding Required! Just drag&drop elements to build your custom signal as well as add advanced trailingstops and targets.

Semi-Automated Trading

Trade like a professional - just lean back and let our algorithms do the heavy lifting for you while you always have the full control over any trade.

Script everything with C#

Realize your wildest scripting-dreams of signals, indicators and strategies with the C#-based TradersYard-X Script with debugging directly in the VisualStudio IDE.

Fundamental Screener

Scan stocks based on fundamental data such as earnings, dividends, various growth rates, balance sheet ratios, etc.


TradersYard X always keeps your risk under control, by calculating the correct trade-size according to your preferred risk parameters.

Multi Signal Scanner Column

Scan multiple signals in one column, get automated proposal-orders and activate them with a single click.


With the TV-Stream feature you have the hottest news and latest information directly at your fingertips next to your charts.

DOM & Quicktrader

TY-X includes a full-featured DOM (Depth-Of-Market) and Times&Sales list, as well as a QuickTrader feature to enter orders and trades in seconds.


Access to Instrument News from Google Finance website automatically displayed next to the chart you are currently analysing.


Features to extend the functionalities of TradersYard X.

Mobile Notifier

Get all relevant information of trade-executions, signals and alerts from your platform sent directly to your mobile phone.

Dynamic Scanner

The Dynamic Scanner automatically collects all available signals and shows them in a highly efficient layout.

Chart Gallery

The Chart Gallery removes any limits from your Chart-Containers - add as many timeframes and instruments to your chart-groups as you like.

Correlation Matrix

With the Correlation Matrix, you can compare the performance of individual instruments as well as whole instrument-lists.


Get all available metrics, charts and snapshots from your trading that are automatically collected with each of your trades.

Options Advanced

Trade multi-leg option-strategies with the combo-trader as well as find the exact option you are looking for with fully customizable option-chain-filters.

More Features

Workspace Management

Manage (save, load, remove, import) as many workspaces as you wish and switch between any of the available workspaces.

Multi Data Series

Add data series of any other symbol inside the same chart, so you can easily compare their performance. Add as many additional dataseries to your chart as you like.

Package Editor

TradersYard X lets you create encrypted packages with indicators, signals, strategies or workspaces that you can then export and import to other computers and users.

Financial Calendar

The new Financial Calendar shows all the important economical events, earnings, bank holidays and dividend dates and displays them directly in your chart.

Futures Calendar

In the Futures calendar window you will see the predefined days and the contract expiration date and when the rollover will take place.


TradersYard X offers you the possibility of creating a backup of the entire system to always make sure your environment is backed-up for emergency-cases.


The Backtest is a key feature to analyze the performance of your custom signals and strategies on a historical data-basis.


TradersYard X includes all basic charting and tools for technical-analysis as well as drawings that you are used to.

NonTimeBased Timeframes

Choose any chart style you want - from Renko, Kagi, Point&Figure, Range, Tick-Charts, etc. - everything is supported.

Chart Groups

A Chart Group is a chart container that includes a scanner and a charting area in which you can select multiple charts with different time frames linked to the scanner.

Chart Trading

Submit complete setups from the chart directly to the market with just a mouse click - no matter what asset-class (even available for options-trading)

Strategy Manager

The Strategy Manager allows you to manage your strategies independently from the charts and monitor their performance and metrics.

Orderstream Charts

OrderStream Charts are a multidimensional type of candlestick charts that provide additional information in the form of level-2 data that goes beyond the pure price data.


The Alerts can inform you about market happenings (price-, time-, indicator-based) via a popup, sounds, email and the TYX-Notifier app.


Use the Actionbar to intuitively display indicators, access favorite drawings and add/remove from instrument-lists.