The Dow Theory AddOn has been developed and refined for years. The result, besides unique trend recognition, this AddOn includes inside-bars and reversal-bar detection, market-phases scanner, multi-timeframe boxes and the daylines advanced indicator to provide high-end technical analysis tools to you.

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Are you already impressed by our DowTheory Standard AddOn? The advanced version will take your breath away. In the advanced version, you can find all content from the Standard AddOn plus fully automated Dow Theory trailing stops (trend stops, movements stops) as well as predefined Dow Theory trading signals and -strategies.

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Presentation of the DowTheory AddOn.



Professional Trend Recognition

Detect all 4 trend-sizes in any chart and any timeframe to get deep insights about the current trend-phase in any instrument.

Trend Trailing-Stop (Advanced)

Based on the principles of the DowTheory your stop is placed exactly where it belongs to in a trend-trade: at point "3".

Movement Trailing-Stop (Advanced)

The optimal trailing-stop for a movement trade – it is dynamic and adjusts itself to occuring inside-bars.

Dynamic trend filter (Advanced)

In collaboration with professional Dow Theory traders, we have created the dynamic trend filter that helps you to find the top-priority trends in any chart.

Predefined Signals (Advanced)

You get (semi)automated signals for P2 (breakout) and P3 (deep correction) entry-signals, as well as the corresponding full setups with hardtrail, softrail and targets.

Optimized Workspace (Advanced)

The DowTheory workspace includes all relevant tools and charts that you need for your trading arranged in an optimized layout.