Using TradersYard X in combination with the Commitments of Traders Report AddOn is an extremely efficient way to work with the CFTC data and carry out your analyses. The CoT Report Standard AddOn includes basic tools to analyse the legacy reports of the CFTC (Commercials, NonCommercials, NonReportables, OpenInterest).

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The Advanced version fo the CoT AddOn allows you to analyse not only the legacy report, but also the disaggregated reports from the CFTC. The CoT report is not only interesting for futures trading, but is also ideally suited for swing-trading with IndexCFDs, CommodityCFDs and Forex, as you can map the CoT data to any instrument you want.

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Presentation of the COT Package.



CoT Report

The CoT Report directly displays the weekly dataseries that the CFTC is publishing once a week. You can choose between different display methods of the dataseries.

Open Interest

The Open Interest shows the number of all currently held contracts of an instrument, while you can seperate it based on each market-participant-category.

Aggregated Index-Positions

With the aggregated-index-position view you can analyse the most important and market-moving index-positions combined.